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It doesn’t have to be a new year to make a change in your life. You can start fresh tomorrow if you are motivated to leave your past behind you and begin the living the life you’ve always wanted. Take a leap of faith and revamp your life with these beneficial actions.

1. Step away from social media.

If you’re constantly finding yourself stalking an exes page or being bummed out at every engagement or pregnancy announcement, unplug from social media for awhile. Deactivating your accounts for even a day is a good start.

2. Start cleansing and strengthening your body.

Shedding the past may also mean letting go of an unhealthy lifestyle. Fueling your body with nourishing foods, hydrating it with plenty of water, and invigorating it through exercise will help you feel refreshed from the inside out.

3. Take care of your mental health.

Being healthy doesn’t just mean being physically fit. Mental health is just as important. If you’re struggling with the past and talking with friends and family just isn’t cutting it, consider seeing a licensed therapist. They can teach you coping mechanisms to manage whatever your past has dealt you.

4. Learn something new.

The learning doesn’t end when school is out. Every day adults are and should be learning new things. Experience a new language through a class or app, learn a new instrument, or take a painting class. Whatever intrigues you, go out and try it.

5. Get rid of everything that’s been holding you back.

Go through your house, your car, your phone. Delete or throw out anything that brings you displeasure. Toss old mixed cd’s that remind you of an unhappy time, get rid of that old movie ticket you’ve been saving in your glove compartment since that failed first date, and erase phone numbers and pictures from your phone that might cause you pain.

6. Buy yourself something nice.

Now that you’ve cleaned out the old, bring in the new. Shop for some new clothes, fill up your iPod with happy songs, and go on a special trip to treat yourself. Reward yourself for the hard work you’ve done and prepare yourself for all that good things that are sure to come your way.