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Most people understand the concept of spring cleaning, but not everyone really knows why we’ve picked the spring as the time when we clean out our homes. Part of it has to do with logistics. The weather is warmer and the snow has at least started to melt, so it’s easier to open up all the windows and air out a home that hasn’t had a lot of fresh air for the last several months. It’s also a lot easier to clean the exterior of a home when it isn’t freezing cold outside.

So yes, part of the reason why spring cleaning is a tradition in this country is simply because it’s easier, but there may be a psychological factor involved as well. According to a 1998 study, there are certain dates that represent new beginnings in people’s minds, and we are liable to think of these as a good time to make a fresh start. This is why so many people make resolutions on New Year’s Day, and it could be the reason why we are compelled to clean our homes at the beginning of the spring. Our energy levels and our motivation seem to be higher during these times, so we are more likely to start a big project such as deep cleaning our homes after months of only doing the bare minimum to keep things tidy during the winter.

The desire to clean one’s home at the first sign of spring isn’t just due to cultural norms or convenience. We mentioned before that people seem to have more energy and motivation during those times of new beginnings, but that energy could just come from the changing of the seasons. It should come as no surprise that people are a little more listless and depressed during a dreary winter. There are long periods when the sun seems to never be out, and even when it is it’s too cold to spend time outdoors. The spring is when people are getting the proper amount – and all the benefits it contains – for the first time in months. That most definitely contributes to our energy levels and gives us the motivation to clean for the first time in a long time.

Of course, it also feels good to have a clean house, especially if you’ve been unable to properly clean during the winter. Having a clean house in itself provides a fresh start, so whether you’ve been cleaning regularly throughout the fall and winter or you have a messy house to deep clean this spring, you can improve your own mood simply by taking the time to clean up your home this spring.