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Tonja Demoff

“A fresh start is a chance to do things the right way, but you can only get a good grasp on what is right if you remember what went wrong.” -Tonja Demoff

Tonja Demoff has risen to the top, fallen and risen again. After she found her own “fresh start” in life, she dedicated herself to helping others do the same: to move forward with tenacity and rebuild their lives.

As a realtor in the Long Beach area and a longtime entrepreneur, Tonja Demoff has dealt with her share of great successes and painful failures over the years, both on professional and personal levels. However, she has emerged from the situations stronger, more sure of herself than ever, and determined to teach others how to hold their heads high and take control of their own lives again!

Tonja believes that a new beginning should learn from old endings — and this lesson has guided each step of her business journey.

Tonja Demoff created her “Fresh Start” work system to provide comprehensive resources and insights into the many different problems people face every day, often through circumstances totally beyond their control. From financial struggles to litigation troubles to personal relationships or losses, Tonja can help you rise above, move forward faster, and thrive once more.

Tonja’s own moment of inspiration came after she lost a lawsuit due to one fact that was simple, yet devastating to her case: her lawyer did not show up. This opened her eyes to the injustices that happen to people every day, and the lack of recourse they frequently must deal with. Tonja Demoff decided she would actively work to change this — and she has done so in numerous ways:

Tonja Demoff | IdeaMensch Interview

“Evaluate behaviors, sales skills, knowledge, style, strengths, weaknesses…. evaluate, evaluate, evaluate.”

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Fresh Start

This book helps people bounce back from a variety of troubles and begin the next chapter of their lives.


“Financial Ruin, Attorneys, & Unrepresented Defendants” tells Tonja Demoff’s own story of a failed court experience — and explains “the truths and consequences of inept counsel.”


Tonja penned this book to explain to business professionals why they should settle instead of go to court because unfortunately, “principle never wins.”

Tonja Demoff created this online resource to help people hold their attorneys accountable.

S.C.A.M. series

“Sued by Cheesy Attorneys Misrepresenting the Facts” and “Sh*tty Cheesy Attorney Malpractice” both tell readers what they need to know before hiring a lawyer.